Black Mint Vinegar Homemade

A delightful-smelling and refreshing vinegar for tired and achy feet. May also be used for salad dressing and other culinary needs.

2 oz. dried black mint or other mint of choice

8 oz. vinegar

Use herb and vinegar and follow Directions for Herbal-infused Vinegars with Dried Herbs. Add 1/2 cup per foot soak. Makes about 6 oz. of vinegar.

Sea Salt Soaks. Use sea salt and herbal salt soaks for swollen, achy and painful feet. Salt soaks can also help heal wounds, but note that the salt will sting open skin. Salt is drying to the skin, so a good moisturizer should be applied before soaking and after if needed.

Add 2 oz. or 4 tablespoons of sea salt per foot soak

Herbal Sea Salts Soaks. Combine sea salt with essential oils and produce an array of therapeutic and aromatically pleasing herbal salts. When using herbal salts you will only need to add y2 oz. or 1 tablespoon of salt to the foot-soak water, since the potency of the salt is increased by the addition of essential oil.

15-30 drops essential oil

6 tablespoons sea salt

Place salt in a glass jar with a tight-fitting nonmetallic lid and drop essential oils into the salt a few drops at a time, stirring in thoroughly after each dropping. When done adding the essential oil, cap tightly and shake to continue mixing the ingredients. It is important to cap tightly so the essential oils don’t evaporate and the salt continues to absorb them. You may use them right away or store them in a cool, dark place. Add 1/2 oz. or 1 tablespoon of salt to the water. Makes about 3 oz., enough for 6 soaks.

Note: Use your nose and the information in the Essential Oils section to guide your formulations. Variations follow:

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