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I wouldn’t have wanted my engagement to be any other way. I felt like we did it on our terms, not the way it â˜should’ be done based on romantic comedies and reality shows. We made a lucid decision that made sense. We were in love, best friends, and wanted to have sleepovers with each other for the rest of our lives. kitty treki wife and mother of two, cape town We were in Cuba, on a long-awaited holiday together, and desperate to hit a beach and escape the madness that is Havana. We headed to Playa Pesquero (Fishermen’s Beach), where we found a crazy resort filled with boozing honeymooners. The alcohol and meals were included in our resort price, as well as the heavily chlorinated swimming pools… It was disastrously unromantic.

Fortunately for us, the beach out front of the hotel was largely ignored by the party-loving crowd, so we turned our backs on the other tourists and found ourselves a patch of sand to call our own.

Later that evening, with minds swimming in complimentary gins, we headed to one of the many resort restaurants for lobster and sparkling wine. Adam started behaving most peculiarly, unable to complete his sentences nor sit still. I could only put his nuttiness down to him having had too much to drink. He insisted we skip dessert and head back to the beach. I would never say no to stargazing, and so we made our way back to the beach, and climbed up a lifesaver’s chair that I had spied earlier that day. That’s when Adam launched into a mumbled confession of love for me and thrust a box into my lap – a wooden palm-sized box with a Cuban flag painted on it – that was impossible to open. By then I had cottoned on to what was happening, and was getting really frustrated at the brain tease that opening the box presented. After groping around at the lid for what felt like forever, it finally shifted and I felt something drop to the floor, luckily not into the sand. Adam went down on one knee, and there we were in the Cuban moonlight with the water lapping metres away… And I said yes! davina kindersley events caterer, joburg Antony told me that his mum had won a competition and the prize was a one-night stay at a hotel in Franschhoek

Upon arrival we were given bubbles, shown around the hotel, and told we had been upgraded to a suite. I suddenly felt a bit shabby and decided to change, do my hair and touch-up on my make-up, before we sat down for lunch.

The restaurant was quiet, with only one other (American) couple sitting on the outside balcony. Antony was a little fidgety but he said it was preholiday jitters. As soon as we stepped outside, he grabbed my hand and, being the amazing, kind man he is, told me how beautiful I was and how happy he was that we were together. He then reached inside his jacket pocket and that’s when I clicked what was about to happen. He got down on one knee and said, â˜I have been lying to you this whole time… My mum didn’t win a competition. Will you marry me?’

I still can’t remember everything that I did in that moment except for saying yes! We were then whisked off to the private wine cellar – where Antony was meant to propose originally but got too excited.

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