Black-Tie Makeup Lips

This is the obvious place to go for glamour, if that’s what you want. Reds and burgundies always look right for night. It is also modern and equally elegant not to do a big colorful lip, i.e., to match the natural color of your lip, as you would do for day, then go for a slightly richer or more deeply pigmented color for night. Or you can play with the finish: Go slightly more shimmery, darker, or lighter. Layering matte lip color with shimmer or gloss is beautiful for night.

If, however, you like to wear bright lipsticks by day, go ahead and wear bright lip colors at night. Experiment to heighten the effect. Go brighter yet or mix your bright lipstick with a darker pencil.

For a black-tie affair, you will want to pay much closer attention to the application of lip color.

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