Black-Tie Makeup Tips

â¢Be sure to use a lip pencil; try going a shade darker than your usual day shade.

Note: Lip pencil will help keep lip color in place and assure longer wear.

â¢Do a heavier application of lipstick than you would during the day.

â¢This is a good opportunity to use a lip brush, especially if color is intense. Powder

Powder is essential for a polished, finished evening face. Powder around the eye to set concealer, and powder your face to set foundation, creamy blush, and pencils.

Note: Some makeup artists suggest holding a tissue up to your mouth and dusting powder over it, so that a little powder filters through to set lip color. I don’t recommend this technique since it can thicken and clot the creamy texture of your lipstick.

â¢If your neck and chest are exposed, use a wide brush to apply a light bronzing powder or dark face powder. Blend downward from chin to avoid an obvious line. Note: Don’t apply foundation on your neck or chest; you risk creating streaks or staining clothes.

⢠If your arms and chest are exposed in the middle of winter, check that your foundation doesn’t make your face visibly darker than your exposed skin. It’s a good idea to have a lighter foundation shade on hand in your paler months.

â¢Moisturize all exposed parts: arms, chest, neck, and, in summer, legs especially calves and heels with a rich cream for a healthy, creamy look to skin.

⢠I think the most elegant nail look for night is short: Red or dark colors are always right, as are the newer pale shimmers and opalescent enamels.

Black-Tie Mistakes

⢠Gold or silver shimmer powder that is dusted over shoulder or chest is a definite mistake it looks cheap.

â¢Overelaborate hairstyles tend to look old-fashioned. Keep your hair shiny and touchable.

â¢Anything overrevealing or constraining; resist all attempts to look like a Cosmo cover girl.

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