A week of sun, salt water and chlorine will all play havoc with your hair, so spend one day with your hair covered in an intensive conditioner, slicked back and covered with a fashionable Pucci-or Hermes-style scarf. This eight-hour treatment will restore your hair to its pre-holiday condition.


The reason it happens that way is because we have created that duality of subject and object. That is the notional-conceptual. Student; What practical benefits are there in viewing something, say a concept like food, in these three categories? Can we lessen our greed and attachment by seeing it in this way? Food would no longer be seen as something out there, to be acquired, devoured, attacked, or swallowed. You would be able to see it in a more intimate way. You would begin to realize that food is not there to be used for your gratification; it is very much part of a whole process. As you begin to see it in a larger context, you become less selfish because you are working through your traces and dispositions by trying to understand how that whole subject and object situation is constructed by the workings of traces and dispositions and conceptual paraphernalia. You would also become less obsessed with certain foods, seeing some as edible and others as disgusting. You do not necessarily have to eat everything, but at the same time, you may not feel attracted or repelled by certain foods. There is a definite practical situation here. Also, you might begin to see things much more clearly, because the more we understand the world, the better behaved we are.

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