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Fine, Medium, Coarse

Fine, Medium, and Coarse hair refers to the shape and circumference of the hair shaft. The smaller the circumference of the hair shaft, the finer the hair texture. The larger the circumference of the hair shaft, the coarser the hair texture. Surprisingly, afro-textured hair is actually very fine in texture. Our hair is very fragile, so extra care and precaution must be taken to maintain its health.


Several years ago before my natural hair days I went to a fancy, she-she poo salon in downtown Toronto. It was the type of salon that required a pricey consultation before any hair mastery would be performed. During the consultation the stylist plucked out a few strands of my hair and began to do a series of tests on them. One strand was pulled and tugged in various directions. Another strand was stretched through the stylist’s fingernails. And the last strand was attached on both ends to a weird contraption and pulled in opposite directions until it snapped. I asked the stylist what she was doing and she said she was measuring and examining the porosity‚ of my hair. Huh?

Porosity is the ability of the hair to absorb moisture. If your hair snaps with ease and has no give to it when pulled, then you’ve got dry, brittle hair. Afro-textured hair is prone to dryness and breakage. So it is ever more important for us to properly maintain and care for our hair in order to prevent damage, dryness and the dreaded B-word ‹“Breakage’.


Afro-textured hair can vary in texture and patterns. Your crown could have several textures and patterns thanks to your DNA makeup. My hair has a texture and growth pattern that is very different from my mother and sister’s hair. My youngest daughter has extremely fine, springy coils inherited from her father and my oldest daughter has a hair texture similar to mine. Several other factors can affect the rate of hair growth and the condition of your hair such as health related issues, vitamin deficiencies, and environmental effects.

Visual Hair Type Guide

There are several Hair Type Classifications. Andre Walker, celebrity stylist to stars like Oprah Winfrey, created one of the most popular classification systems. In his blog Andre Talks Hair, he has classified hair types based on their structure and using a number to designate the level of curl pattern:

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