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And we thank you. So much today we’re going to show you how to do a quick tip hair back with bottom pins. So let’s get started you know how you always get like this how do i hi this bobby pin how do, I hide this to hide this right here, I’m going to take a piece right here okay right right to the middle because, I already put this here section it off.

I can get to the middle of her hair. And, I’m going to go. And just take this little piece of strand.

And, I’m just going to twist it twist it all around this here. So now you got this little bit here you’re going to take this bottle can kind of open up the sabe pin really wide. And then the back part right here not the one that has two waves but the one that’s smooth in the back you’re going to hold this tail here with your finger.

And you just want to twist this around a few times then you guys slip it right in there put it right in okay. So you slip it all the way in gonna twist it twist this bobby pin. And see where that is right here right where that you’re close right where this where, I pulled her hair now little piece that, I pull, I’m going to take it.

And grab it with that bobby pin. And push through now, I’ll release this [Applause]. And there you’re gonna have a hidden body in there we hope that this hair had helped you guys please give it a try.

And let us know how it came out we thank you. So much for reading we hope that you guys will come back. And see us again don’t forget to check out our other soils over there.

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So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials we nice guys until next time learn it do it in two two two others bye guys bye.

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