Body Care for Pregnancy

This is an important time to pamper yourself. Your body is going through extreme hormonal and physical changes, so you definitely deserve some special attention. What’s more, once there’s a baby in the picture, you will have little time for even the most basic beauty maintenance.

Treat yourself to massages. Look for a massage therapist who specializes in pregnancy. If you have a hard time spending the money on yourself, rationalize it this way: Instead of buying a shirt or a pair of shoes, you are getting a massage.

If you plan on wearing a swimsuit, don’t forget to deal with your bikini line it’s still there even if you can’t see it. Get a bikini wax.

Take care of your hands and feet two parts of your body that don’t change radically in pregnancy. If you are pregnant during the summer, paint your toenails and wear sandals.

Skin often becomes extremely dry during pregnancy. To soften and hydrate, put oil in the bath or rub oil onto your skin during showers. I especially like apricot oil in bathwater, but given that one’s sense of smell is acute in these months, be sure to select a fragrance you find pleasing (or purchase nonscented bath oil).

Out of the bath, it’s also nice to rub oil onto the body especially over the breasts and abdomen. I had an amazing massage during my first pregnancy during which the therapist used a combination of cocoa butter and balm. It not only feels good, but it might help minimize the appearance of stretch marks. Of course, stretch marks are to a large extent hereditary and beyond our control. Nonetheless, why not do everything in our power to avoid them?

While some women claim their skin is at its most beautiful during pregnancy, others experience hormonal breakouts during pregnancy. Talk to your dermatologist if you can’t manage your skin.

Note: Mask of pregnancy‚ is a brown pigment that some women experience on their faces during pregnancy. It is caused by hormonal changes and is completely normal and will probably go away after you give birth. Consult your doctor if you are concerned.

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