What is Body Contouring or Body Sculpting

WHEN DR PREEMA VIG GOT MARRIED THIS SUMMER, SHE WAS HIDING A SECRET. She looked and felt sensational – arms smooth, sleek and toned, and abdomen sculpted – but how? Her secret lay in a body treatment combination she had been perfecting in her London clinic. She had found that by using two state of the art technologies together, she was seeing astonishing fat burning and skin tightening results. Enter CoolSculpting™, known for its ability to permanently eliminate fat; and Venus Legacy, which tightens slack skin, boosts collagen and elastin, and also acts on fat cells. She found that the combination was great for sculpting and perfecting the jawline and neck area.

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Could this be the right body prep for your big day? If you are looking to address hard-to-shift tummy fat, or flabby upper arms, or to lift and shape your bottom, then yes! Here’s how the new fusion approach from Dr Preema works: First, CoolSculpting™ is used on problem areas to crystallise fat cells below the skin with sub-zero cryotherapy. The body breaks down the treated fat deposits naturally, revealing a flatter tum or leaner upper arms. Results are permanent, provided exercise and a healthy eating plan are built into your lifestyle. But here’s the thing – Dr Preema was seeing that in some cases, skin was left with a crêpey look following the elimination of fat, as the skin had lost its elasticity. Venus Legacy offered the solution.

It uses radio frequency and electrical pulses (delivered via handheld suction probes) to create heat in a specific area, creating a healing response in the body. This tightens skin, triggers collagen and elastin production (which keeps skin firm and elastic), and liquifies a little fat. The two treatments work in tandem, and can even be used to lift, contour and tighten the jawline and neck. The downside? There isn’t one. All that’s required is a little planning – allow three months before your big day to schedule the treatments. Here’s how a combination programme could work: WEEK 1 Initial consultation to assess suitability. First CoolSculpting™ treatment. Wait four weeks for the treatment to start taking effect (results vary between four and 12 weeks). WEEK 5 Second CoolSculpting™ treatment (if needed). WEEKS 6 TO 10 Weekly Venus Legacy treatments. four to six recommended.

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