What is Body Contouring or Sculpsure-What Are Sculpsure Results

Contour your middle “If you have a teacup or less of fat on your abs, hips, or legs that won’t budge despite a healthy diet and regular exercise, then you’re a good candidate for a body-contouring treatment,” says Dr. Frank. These new devices use heat or energy (either ultrasound or radio frequency) to mechanically break down fat cells, which are eventually metabolized, just like the fat you burn from working out.

The heat or energy is delivered via a handheld or strapped-on device and travels deep into the skin without hurting the surface. SculpSure is your fastest option—it heats up the fat with a laser during a 25-minute treatment (which will cost up to $1,600). Some patients report Squats can build curves like these. Skin treatments can make them firmer. Beauty Playbook no pain, others feel just slight cramping. “Best of all, there is absolutely no downtime, which is what my patients love most,” says Dennis Gross, M.D., a New York City–based dermatologist.

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“They can go back to their normal activities immediately following treatment and start to see results in as little as six weeks, with optimal results typically seen after three months.” The newest ultrasound machine, called the UltraShape Power, is a more intense option because it takes 45 minutes, says Dr. Chapas. But it can remove 30 percent of fat, compared to the typical 15 to 20 percent of other treatments. “I’m seeing the most significant changes on the abdomen, which, thanks to the device’s large attachment, disrupts fat cells from the breastbone to the pubic bone all at once,” says Dr. Chapas. Expect to go in for three sessions spaced two weeks apart, which cost anywhere from $750 to $1,700 each.

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