Body Preparing To Run


Dealing with the demand.

Run away as fast as possible. Full activation of the stress response. Heart beats harder and faster. Breathing more rapid and deeper.

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Energy stores mobilized. Blood directed to muscles. Muscles contract for action.

Example 2

Non life or death situation. This is a job interview which is not going too well. Emotionally, the interviewee sees the situation as fearful, and feels unable to cope. The stress response is activated to a degree that tips the stress balance beyond the normal zone,

Resulting in distress. The stress response is expressed in the ‹“flight' mode.


‹“Here is a demand I have to deal with'

‹“I am not doing very well in this interview. I haven't answered the questions well and I've made a fool of myself. I wish I could get out of here as quickly as possible.


Preparing to deal with the demand.

Body preparing to run but cannot actually run away.

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