Given how much time we spend obsessing about our faces and how much money on products for our faces, it seems strange that the face is such a small percentage of our body’s total surface area. Moisturizing every reachable inch of your body after a shower should be as automatic as brushing your teeth. I like to rub oil into my skin when I am in the showerâ”it hydrates my dry skin and saves me time when I get out. (Pat skin dry with a towel so as not to rub off the oil.)
Feet are the most neglected part of a woman’s body. I recommend keeping a pumice stone in the shower so that smoothing away calluses and dry skin on the heels and pads of your feet becomes part of your shower routine. Use the pumice on the rough edges of your toes and on thick fingernail cuticlesâ”be gentle, though. You can use the same rich balm you use on your lips for your heels and toes. It makes a good cuticle moisturizer for fingernails, too.

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