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Too Much Winning

Many coaches stress winning over most other things, which often leaves losing players feeling inadequate, McEwin and Dickinson say. Also related to the psychological development of young adolescents is the prevalence of the win at all costs attitude . bodyweight workout reddit The way that sports programs are set up ensures that at least 50 percent of all players in team sports will be ‘losers’ in every game. At the end of the season, 80 percent of participants will be ‘losers.’

The process (of becoming a modern warrior) starts in the schoolyard, sport psychologist Tom Tutko claims. The kids who are best in sports are generally the most popular and those who perform poorly are often scorned. Repeatedly being the last one picked when kids choose up sides can leave lifelong emotional scars; there is always the feeling when you play you are somehow being tested, being judged as a person as well as a player.

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Is it any wonder, then, that a survivor from this system like Jordan feels he must win at everything, from cards to golf to video games? Psychological pressure and win-at-all costs attitudes are the downfall of many athletes, says Robert Grant. bodyweight workout for mass Grant says there are basically two groups of highly competitive athletes the majority who often fall by the wayside and the minority who thrive, at least professionally.

According to psychologist Alfie Kohn, several hundred studies have shown that serious competition can give athletes deep insecurities and self-esteem problems. Your value is defined by what you’ve done and who you’ve beaten, he says. Competition leads children to envy winners, to dismiss losers, and to be suspicious of just about everyone. body weight workout for beginners Such mindsets can leave the athlete with an emotional hole that’s hard to fill for the rest of his or her life, an unsatisfied hunger, says Varda Burstyn, a former psychotherapist. Burstyn says that while some athletes reap benefits from sports, it can give an athlete a false, empty sense of what love is. It becomes dangerous when winning and losing is too important. In order to be loved, you have to be better than everyone else. That’s a very profound element of our sport culture.

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