Bohemian Half Updo with Just 4 Braids

Today I have this bohemian braided half updo that I have absolutely in love with I’ve seen it all over Instagram the summer with different variations and I think it’s amazing so I thought I should do a tutorial on it and I hope you guys like it too so let’s go ahead and get started for step one you’re just going to create two braids so I brought all my hair forward and you’re gonna pick up a large section of hair near the front leaving a couple pieces out to kind of frame my face as well once you’ve got your section go ahead and pull it back to make sure that it looks good once it’s swept back and once you’re happy with your section you are ready to start braiding this is just gonna be a normal three strand braid all the way down your hair or at least until.

I can reach the back of your head once you’ve braided as far as you need to you can go ahead and start pulling the braid apart I do this by pulling on each little piece of the braid to get a lot of volume and softness in the braid so you can see I’m starting at the bottom and working my way up and this adds a lot of volume and again just makes this hairstyle a little bit more of a statement and then before I’m done I like to go in with both hands and pull on either side of the braid as well so I pull in each little piece and then I pull on the whole braid and that is how I get max volume with these braids and then once you reach the end you can either see here it with a bobby pin or an elastic and now you’re just gonna do the same thing on the other side so pick up a large section of hair from the front and again leave a couple pieces out around your face.

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If you want to and then you’re gonna begin just doing a normal braid as far back as you need to to reach the back of your head then go ahead and pull it apart to get that extra volume and once you’ve got it nicely pulled apart you can secure it with a bobby pin or an elastic and now we are on to the next step which is creating the half updo all you have to do for this step is to take your two braids that we made pull them to the back and secure them with an elastic once that’s done take out the elastics or bobby pins at the end of your braids and unravel them then if you want to you can wrap a small piece of hair around the band of the elastic to hide it once I wrapped it a couple of times I just went ahead and bobby pendant and it was okay that the end was kind of sticking out to the side because we’re gonna braid it in a second so this is one time where you don’t have to be too careful or precise with this method and now for my favorite step we’re going to create two fishtail braids so you’re going to start with the ponytail that we have and you can add in some hair from the hair that’s just hanging around.

It if you want to make the braid thicker and then we’re just going to make a fishtail braid so if you need another tutorial on how to do a fishtail braid I’ll link one in the description box so basically you’re just going to do a fishtail braid for about 4 to 5 inches and you can use kind of big pieces for this too it’ll look really good with that actually I found that I liked how that looks better than really small pieces and if your arms are killing you you can always bring the braid to the side and keep going until you have poured if I have inches done once that is then you’re just going to pull on this just like we pulled on the previous braid and once that’s done you’re just going to secure it with an elastic and if you want you can wrap a small piece of hair around this elastic as well and bobby pin up and into the braid the bobby pin will hide itself in the braid pretty nicely so it should be pretty easy to just pop it in there and not have to worry about it and now we’re on to braid number two so you’re just gonna grab that ponytail and fishtail braid it another 4 or 5 inches if your hair is long enough for that I think just one fishtail braid will look great but if you can go for two do it so get four or five inches going on that second fishtail braid and then pull it apart and then secure it with an elastic and then wrap some hair around it I mean we’re kind of on a pattern here aren’t we a good tip for this last little bit of hair you’re gonna wrap it and just keep wrapping it until you have no more hair to wrap and then pin it now.

What you don’t have any awkward end sticking out so this last step is totally optional but you guys know I like having a little bit of curl on my hair although I was tempted to leave it straight because it did look really good straight but I went ahead and used my crystal shine and hold heat protection shine spray which is my new very favorite heat protection spray ever I’ve been using it all the time anyway I wouldn’t had to use that on my hair and then I used this new me Titan 3 iron I use the 3/4 inch attachment and I should have used the 1 inch attachment because these curls ended up really tight and I had to brush them a lot so anyway.

I did large sections of hair curling them away from my face with a little iron this is one of the tricks from my 5 minute curls post and it does make the curls happen really really quickly and I really love this method I just wish that I did it with a one inch iron because they were really tight and I had to brush them out a lot to get them to loosen up as much as they did but I did eventually get there and you have this final look again if you want these kind of curls I would recommend doing a 1 inch or a 1 and a quarter inch iron not a 3/4 inch iron and that’s the final look I love how bohemian this hairstyle is I love that it’s just for braids put together but it looks like so much more than that and I think it can be really impressive without having to spend a ton of time in the morning I hope that you try out this hairstyle and I hope that you love it as much as I do I’ll see you my next post mwah bye.

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