Bohemian Wavy Hair with Side Braids Tutorial

So I already sprayed he protect us on my hair. And I used the KQ C’s thermal sign it looks like this, next. I’m just gonna take a brush and brush my hair to distribute the product next. I’m just gonna divide my hair in half.

Bohemian Wavy Hair with Side Braids Tutorial Photo Gallery

And. I’m gonna work with the bottom layer first. So just tie it like this. So you just want to grab a chunk like this, make sure it’s fairly wide then you want to grab your flat iron. I’m using the kqc X heat flat iron and just start like this, just. So you get that wavy luck when my hair is really long. So, if you have short hair this process will go.

So fast. So you should have something wavy like this, it doesn’t have to be totally defined and the longer you let the iris it on the hair the more curly it is. So I’ll show you a game just like this, thank you. So do one last one and then. I’m gonna do the other side you the waves are gonna look like this. So now. I’m all done and the hair should look like this.

So it’s not curly it’s just really loose waves. And I’m gonna do the same to the top and for the top I want to add volume. So I’m gonna actually go up like this, it’s to create that volume and then try to get those waves lift it upwards it’s just back and forth. Because you want to make ridges in your hair an accordion as you can see it messy. So doesn’t matter though with this stuff cause it could look really messy in it the ends look good anyway okay. So there you go that’s another wavy hair.

I’m gonna continue with the rest of my hair. And I’ll be back. So now I got it all like this, and it does look kind of messy. But we want these loose waves to be kind of PC. So I’m just gonna use Bette has manipulator and it’s just a really gooey pace. And I’m just gonna dip my fingertips in there and as you can see it’s uber gooey.

But it does a really great job of piecing my hair and kind of giving it that it’s a messy look yeah I’ll show you exactly what I mean and you just want to do that to your hair all over. So this also gets rid of the flyaways and makes you feel kind of PC and nice just like that. So as you can see they’re a little bit more PC and separated. So in the picture she has a chunk of she braids this part. So. Because I have bangs. I’m just gonna leave my face as is and braid my hair and braid it then.

I’m gonna make the braids tight. I’m just gonna do loose braids. So have that braid in and just take a little clip and clip that together and do the same thing to the other side. So I have to breathe and just bring it together at the back like this, just take a little elastic. And I’m just using these little black ones here then tie it like. So and in the picture she does have it a bit of volume I stuff here.

So I’m just gonna lift the hair like this, just. So that there’s volume ups there and, if you want you can spray it down. But I don’t feel like using hairspray today. Because I already have the bedhead manipulator on my hair. So just I want to make it too heavy or else these curls are just gonna go limp and that is the look.

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