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Essential Oil Burners

Most oils can be used with a burner.The basic principle is very simple: a small dish to hold a few drops of essential oil, with some type of gentle heat underneath, often in the form of a candle.The heat needs to be fairly low in order to allow slow evaporation of the oil and a longer-lasting scent.

If you want to fumigate a room, then try adding 3-4 drops of oils such as Pine, Eucalyptus or Juniper to a burner. Boy haircuts for black girls n order to help you keep really sharp and alert a couple of drops of Peppermint or Rosemary may work wonders, while 2-3 drops of YlangTlangor Lavender will have the opposite effect and soon help you to wind down at the end of a long, tiring, difficult day.

It is well worth visiting a specialist shop with a wide range of such burners. Chose an attractive one that makes an interesting feature; the Oriental kind often have interesting ornamental styles. They also make good presents – the whole kit, with oils, makes a marvellous surprise Christmas present, one that will get someone quickly hooked on the subject.

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