Braided Bangs and Voluminous Curls Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial

Hey guys, ever since I did this prom makeup tutorial I’ve been getting a lot of requests to recreate the braided bangs and the voluminous curls I supported this hairstyle a lot when I was trying to grow up my bangs. So, if you want to see how I did this then keep on reading before applying Hot Tools to your hair always protect it with some heat protectant here. I’m using my kqc thermal shine brush your hair to distribute the product evenly to ensure that you get all your hair curled you want to work in sections and you want to start curling at the bottom first to achieve the curls I had in that post. I’m using my babyliss one and a quarter inch curling iron, if you curl your hair often like I do I highly recommend that you invest in a ceramic curling iron like this, one. Because it’s much less damaging than the metal ones to curl long hair what I usually do is place the clamp right in the middle of the hair and then I would curl the top half first leaving the ends last I do this for two reasons one there’s not enough space on the curling iron to wrap all my hair around. Because it’s really long and to the ends are usually more dry and brittle. So you don’t want to use too much heat on it after you release the curling iron gently hold the curl in your hand and let it cool for a few seconds this will make the curls last longer continue to curl the rest of your hair and when you’re done just clip it aside.

Braided Bangs and Voluminous Curls Hairstyle for Medium Long Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

So that it doesn’t get mixed up with the other layers divide your hair into another section and once again pin it up and curl the layer. So like before you want to just place the clamp right in the middle and curl the top half first and then you want to curl the bottom last finally release the top layer and curl every strand on top make sure you take your time with this one. Because this is the layer that everyone is going to see all right. So now on to the braided veins you want to start the part of your veins right at the arch of your eyebrow grab some hair under the part and divide it into three equal sections to start the braid you want to place the top strands underneath the middle and then take the bottom strand and place it underneath the middle then you want to grab some hair incorporate it with the top strand and place it together underneath the middle and do the same thing to the bottom strand. So what you’re going to end up with hair is a Dutch braid and some of you probably already know how to do this. Because I’ve done it in. So many tutorials now, if you have shorter bangs you might have some hair sticking out of a breeze.

So all you have to do is grab some gel and gel it down problem solved okay. So one more time grab some hair at the top incorporate it with the top strand place it underneath the middle then grab your bangs incorporate it with the bottom strand and place it underneath the middle and you want to continue to do this until you reach the other side of your head and by the way I apologize my sister’s dog is here and oh my gosh she barks at everything actually when my sister adopted him we all wondered why anyone would abandon such a cute dog and now we know why anyways here’s the completed look and looking at this makes me miss Sammy. Because she’s in Hong Kong right now on her vacation. So Sammy if you’re reading this hi I love you I miss you. I’m you Steph thanks so much for reading and don’t forget to check out my other posts bye you.

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