How Do You Break Bad Eating Habits


Choose the stage of change that best fits where you think you are right now. For each stage, we list where you might get stuck and the questions to answer. If you are confused about which stage you are in, or you think you are between two stages, answer the questions for both. You might find it useful to answer the questions in every section. If you find yourself repeating things you have already written about in an earlier assignment, don’t worry repetition helps solidify information. You might also come up with new thoughts that arise as we ask similar questions in different ways.

1. Pre-Contemplation Stage (not ready to take action).

If you don’t think you have a problem or just don’t want help, consider these questions.

‚ Why don’t you think you have a problem?

‚ Are you open to the possibility that you might have a problem?

‚ Why are you reading this secrets?

‚ Do the people closest to you think you have a problem?

‚ List all the reasons why you don’t want to change.

‚ Do you want to want to change?

2. Contemplation Stage (getting ready to take some action, weighing the pros and cons)

If you feel stuck or keep procrastinating, these questions might be helpful.

‚ What are the pros and cons of staying the same vs. changing?

What will your future likely be like if you do change and what will it be like if you don’t?

‚ How does continuing in your eating disorder help or hurt your health and happiness?

‚ What are the risks to your relationships if you stay the same and what are the risks to your relationships if you recover?

‚ What are your fears or other feelings about giving up your eating disorder?

‚ Who can you talk to who might help you go over your pro and con list and help you decide?

‚ What is a small step you could take that is not too risky for you?

3. Preparation Stage (ready for action but still preparing)

If you know you want to change, but can’t get yourself started or don’t know what to do, consider these questions.

‚ What will you lose and what will you gain by giving up your eating disorder?

‚ What are the obstacles you can see that keep you from trying? Or moving forward?

‚ What would help you overcome these obstacles?

‚ Who could support you in this process?

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