Pineapple, strawberry and mango juice in summer.

Grape juice in autumn.

Mandarin and strawberry juice in winter.

Apple and peach juice in spring.

Allow children to have a choice from a variety of in-season fruits to make a freshly extracted juice. Start with small serves of approx.120ml or half a cup, serve in a glass, and in hot weather, add a few cubes of ice. The fresh juice in the morning will provide children with a fair dose of vitamin C, depending on the juice, plus a variety of other vitamins and minerals that are lacking from cooked and processed foods. Freshly made fruit juices provide the natural sweetness that children crave, as fructose (fruit sugars) is converted into glucose. Over 90% of all glucose is used for the nervous system and for brain activity. Give your children a head start, every day.

Cereal, toast, pancakes, muffins, scrambled eggs, croissants, rolled oats, fruit salad or yoghurt: allow children to choose from at least a few of these. Even set up a small blackboard/whiteboard on the kitchen wall and pretend its a classy restaurant. Nearly every day, children have slightly different nutritional needs and, by giving a choice, once a child has experienced a variety of foods, their body and tastebuds will go for the foods that may provide the specific nutrients that are required for their current development. Processed cereals of good quality are okay once or twice a week. Try the blackboard choice idea and utilise natural foods and canned apricots or peaches on cereal, or a sprinkle of finely cracked macadamias or pecan nuts, or pancakes with stewed apples and cream, or toast with honey, Vegemite or peanut butter. Breakfast is vital for growing children.



Children are keen to run and play after a morning of sitting down. They have little time to eat, so give them quick snacks and make up for the nutrition factor at home. Make the serves small, their hand size. A cheese sandwich in quarters is ample and excellent; biscuits and cheese; a small tub of yoghurt; a muesli bar or sesame bar; an apple juice; a fresh crisp small apple; dried apricots. Apples provide compact nutrition time for the bell!


Give your children the choice: its their lunch. Use the blackboard idea at home for lunch ideas. Depending on the season and temperature, always give them pure water and a choice of sandwich: salad or cheese or chicken or ham or egg. Or biscuits with cheese, or some muffins, a snack bar or tub of yoghurt. In winter, a milk drink can last till lunch; in summer a frozen fruit juice will be refreshing.

Lunch time is also play time!


A milkshake and toasted baked bean jaffle or a chocolate drink and pancake, or a toasted cheese sandwich will give children ample nourishment till the evening meal while doing their homework. For evening meal ideas, as a family, choose from the variety of recipe ideas in section entitled as Chapter 7Z. For dessert, yoghurt is ideal as it provides essential calcium during their sleep.


Pancakes with apple and cream

Scrambled eggs on toast

Rye toast with Vegemite

Toast with cheese

Rolled oats with peaches, apricots

Cereal with macadamia nuts

Yoghurt with waffles and strawberries

Croissants with blueberry j am and cream

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