Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss


Apple (0. 2mg) and strawberry (0. 6mg) juice. Total iron: approx.0.8mg.

Rolled oats (3.

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7mg) with 50g of raisins (2. 2mg) plus a tablespoon of wheatgerm (2mg). Serve with a cup of milk (0. 05mg) or soy milk (0. 5mg). Total breakfast iron: approx.8. 4 mg.

Date dip: dried dates (2. 6mg) dipped into 50g tahini (3mg). Or walnuts (2. 5mg) on rye bread (2. 7mg) with honey, or 50g sunflower seed butter (2mg) on wholemeal bread (2.2mg).


Tabouli salad: 50g parsley (4. 5mg), 50g tomato (0. 2mg) with 50g raw spinach (3. 2mg) with 30g tahini dressing (1. 7g) on rye bread (2. 7mg). Total lunch iron: 12. 3mg. Seafood mix with mussels (14mg) or clams (8mg). Hummus dip: chickpeas (2. 5mg) with 30mg tahini (1. 8mg) on rye cracker biscuits (2mg). Total lunch iron: 6.3mg.


Carob milkshake: mix 50g carob powder (2. 3mg) with 2 cups soy milk (1. 1mg). Total iron: 3.4mg. Carrot and parsley juice: 200g carrot (2. 2mg) with 50mg parsley (4. 7mg). Total iron: 6.9mg.

Stir fry. Into the wok add tofu cubes (7. 9mg) with 50g peas (1. 6mg), broccoli (1mg), 50mg parsley (4. 7mg), 50mg onions (0. 27mg), capsicum (0. 7mg) and 50g cashews (1. 9mg). Total iron: 18mg.

Pepita burgers. In a bowl, mix ground pepitas (11. 2mg), 30mg finely chopped parsley (3. 2mg), spinach (3. 2mg) and 20mg onions (1. 2mg) with 100g cooked rice (0. 4mg). Form into patties, fry with canola oil and serve with garden fresh salad (3mg). Total iron: 19.2mg.

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male and child values.

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