Bridal Hairstyle for Short Medium Long Hair Tutorial Weddings Prom

Before anything I’m going to spray your hair with a heat protectant here. I’m using my q-see thermal shine now. I’m going to brush your hair to distribute the product evenly.

Bridal Hairstyle for Short Medium Long Hair Tutorial Weddings Prom Photo Gallery

Because she has really thick hair. I’m going to start with the bottom layer first. And I will be using my one-inch curling iron from baby lists. And I really like this. Because it’s made from ceramic. So it doesn’t damage your hair as much although I prefer using clipless curling irons I recommend that people with short hair and use curling irons with the clip. Because it’s a lot easier to use now.

I’m going to release another layer and yes yes really secure. So I’m going to create another layer on top pin it. And I’m going to curl this layer the same way I curled the bottom and when you’re all done you can do the top layer and you can curl in any direction that you want. Because later on. I’m going to be gathering it anyways. So just as long as your hair looks curly that’s good now.

I’m going to pick up some hair from the crown of her head. And I’m going to backcomb this area to create volume then. I’m going to grab some hairspray and spray that tease in place. So that it doesn’t come undone and then. I’m going to do another layer right underneath it. So just back home and then spray it with hairspray now you can comb it out a bit just to see what it’s going to look like.

And I kind of want it more voluminous. So I’m going to grab some more hair from the top. And I’m going to backcomb it again now when you’ve reach the desired volume what you want to do is just comb it out nicely you only want to comb the surface of your hair. Because you don’t want to lose the tease and the volume now gently gather the top half of the hair and twist it and make sure the twist shows and then secure the twist with two bobby pins just pin it right in there and then depending on how you curl your hair it’s just viral like this, especially, if you have short hair and now what you want to do is just grab a chunk of hair from the left side twist it and then grab a bobby pin and just pin it to where that larger twist is. So it’s just all together there and then grab another chunk right underneath it twist it and pin it in the exact same manner and since three’s a charm. I’m going to do one more little twist and then we’re done now.

I’m going to pretty up this hairdo with some flower clips oho. So beautiful to keep your hairstyle looking fabulous all day I recommend using a strong hold hairspray this is white fan stuck-up hairspray. So I’m going to spray some all over her curls at the back as well as on top to get a polished look comb down the flyaways and just perfect your hairdo. So this is the completed hairdo I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and thanks so much for reading bye.

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