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Beautiful architecture, inspiring surroundings and a team dedicated to delivering your dream wedding day.. Stanbrook Abbey is in a class of its own.

Nestled in 26 beautiful acres, the new and improved Stanbrook Abbey is a rare architectural gem, quickly becoming one of the UK’s most sought after venues. Boasting a ‚£5 million refurbishment, Stanbrook Abbey is more incredible than ever before and just waiting to bring you the wedding day of your dreams.

IRREALITY hey’ve just told us we can’t have live music in the marquee, only in the hall! Having to usher everybody from the tent into the hall for dancing is really going to break up the party.


The time you move from the tent to the hall should be a punctuation point in proceedings; so, for example, usher everyone through to the hall for the cake cutting – and, as soon as the applause peters out, start up the first dance.


Your suppliers are going to be key figures here. hey will know the venue well (and what doesn’t work!), so seek the full benefit of their expertise and experience – they will be thrilled to work with you on creating something that is different for them, too.



We’ve got our dream castle to play out our very own fairytale wedding.

IREALtY It’s a winter do so the castle might be difficult to heat. Elderly guests could trip on the uneven floors, and the steep, narrow steps are a hazard for kids.


Raise these issues quickly with your venue, they will be able to address the issue of lack of heat easily (at a small cost). All spaces have to comply with a certain level of health and public safety, so the points you make should not be an obstacle. But, if you opt for a medieval castle, do not expect it to have new-build facilities!


My dream hotel is available for our big day, and it’s not as expensive as I’d expected!

REALITY he room provided for the reception is bland and conferencelike. his isn’t quite how I imagined it would look. HOW TO SOLVE IT What can you do design-wise to draw attention from what you don’t like? Beautifully designed tablescapes and good lighting can transform any space and draw the eye to what you want people to see. Never underestimate the power of great lighting!

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