Brook Valentine’s Perfect Party Hairstyles!

Brooke Valentine is rocking it on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Hollywood and is now cool, calm and a beautiful mother. She believes that everyone should look in the mirror and think about how to evolve and improve; she is committed to speaking the truth and being who she is. This down-to-earth sister’s voice is incredible, and her style is divine. Brooke’s hair is always everything, and in our exclusive shoot, she’s styling it right! If you’re in the market for party-perfect hair, Brooke does it best! Here are two gorgeous styles that will have you owning the room.

Brook Valentine’s Perfect Party Hairstyles! Photo Gallery

Brooke’s Chic Upsweep: Get The Look! We love this style. You can be the life of the party while your hair stays stunning all night. To achieve this look, our editors suggest cleansing the hair using a quality brand, such as My DNA Shampoo. This product is sulfate-free and perfect for a variety of hair types. Follow up with a conditioner from the same brand. Flat-iron the hair smooth and apply a product like My DNA Serum to seal in moisture and impart shine. Center-part the hair and sweep it up into the crown, creating a bouffant effect and secure with hairpins.

Brooke’s Layers & Curls: Get The Look! This look is all about full, bouncy, voluminous curls. Have the hair cut in long layers and wand-curl in sections. Use a large-tooth comb to style. Back-comb the hair at the crown for more height. Mist with a light layer of hairspray for hold.

Brooke’s Quick Tips on Beauty and Style! Tell us what four beauty products you can’t live without, for your hair and skin. Brooke: “Oh, wow—I’ve got to narrow it down to four? Well, QTica Lip Therapy has to stay in my bag, period. Black Opal Blemish Wash for my face, Sebastian Shaper Hair Spray and Matrix Sleek Look Conditioner.” On Style Do you have a favorite outfit that you know you always can rely on? Brooke: “I wouldn’t say ‘outfit’…I will say that I have a pair of ‘help me, please!’ jeans! If you don’t have that one pair of jeans you can slap on in a tizzy, you’re in trouble. I suggest finding them now!”

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