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Since this is such a key item in your makeup kit, don’t scrimp here. Even if you buy all your other makeup at drugstores or discount stores, try, if at all possible, to purchase foundation at a department store. There you can get professional guidance in choosing a formula and shade, and you can test a color before buying it. The foundations sold in the higher-end makeup lines also tend to be lighter and more natural-looking.
Not even the most experienced salesperson will be able to tell you which is the exact shade of foundation for you. He or she may be able to show you the closest possibilities, but you will have to take it from there. Carry a mirror with you when shopping for foundation so that you can do the natural-light foundation test. Don’t let a salesperson talk you out of this exercise it’s the only thing that really works. This is a case where you must be your own makeup artist and judge the shade for yourself. In my experience, however, I find that foundation with a yellow tone looks better on almost everyone, no matter what your coloring. And almost every makeup company has at least one yellow-toned foundation in its line. Ask to see only the yellow-toned foundations and, from these options, focus on finding the best one for you.
Note: In the winter, when your skin is paler, you can mix concealer color with your foundation to lighten the foundation so it matches your skin tone.
Oily Skin: Look for an oil-free liquid foundation. Many companies offer both sheer and slightly heavier formulas. Unless you simply want to tint your face, I would recommend the slightly heavier formula, as it is better able to even out redness and blotching. Thin formulas won’t give coverage no matter how much you put on.
If you choose to wear moisturizer, look for a mattifying formula one that dries down matte, smoothing the appearance of the skin. Normal-to-Dry Skin: Choose a creamy liquid foundation or a stick foundation. In hot, humid weather, an oil-free formula will look and feel better. (If you are worried about your skin feeling dry, use a slightly heavier moisturizer.)
Always, prime your skin with moisturizer before applying foundation and give it a minute to absorb.

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