Buying the Right Concealer

Look for a creamy texture it should be smooth to the touch. Avoid products that feel greasy, dry, or thick or that have a chalky consistency. Concealers come in pots, sticks, or tubes with sponge applicators. I like to use stick foundation as my concealer: I like the coverage it provides, and it does not travel once I’ve applied it.
Finding the Right Concealer Color
The right concealer shade is yellow-based, not white, which will be much too light on the face. The biggest mistake women make with concealer is using a too light or too white shade. Search for a concealer that is one to two shades (i.e., subtly) lighter than your skin tone.
Avoid: Green-, purple-, or pink-tinted concealers, which only serve to make your face green, purple, or pink!

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