PIECE BY PIECE These Lucea Mosaique watches by BVLGARI take mosaic art to a minuscule scale. The dial is set with approximately 700 tiny, gold-plated squares — each measuring a tiny 0.84mm. Instead of composing a specific pattern on the surface of the tiling, the artisans play with the shine of each square and arrange them in the most interesting reflective formation possible. Needless to say, each piece is finished by hand and thus one-of-a-kind.

BVLGARI WATCHES 2019 Photo Gallery

Piaget turns a tropical icon into luxe jewellery with fine artistry and plenty of bling.

There are three things that one is instantly reminded of at the sight of palm trees — the sun, sand and sea. Yet, none of these crossed our minds when we first saw these gilded sparklers from the Extremely Piaget collection, which took us to a place infinitely more glamorous than the resort or beach. These Palm Tree pieces are crafted with a goldsmithing technique unique to the maison, an engraving process that allows skilled craftsmen to recreate the texture and structure of real palm fronds. Add to precious metal a liberal sprinkling of diamonds, and we’ve got some gorgeous foliage that boasts both high-wattage sparkle and a golden gleam.

SIZED FOR STYLE There’s a new way to wear DIOR’s dainty Rose des Vents line now that Dior has introduced its iconic design into its La Mini D de Dior watches. These petite timepieces feature the recognisable wind rose on dials of mother-of-pearl, malachite or rose quartz, and are fitted with an elegant satin strap — just the thing to wear with the Rose des Vents jewellery.

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