How can I help my daughter?

QMy daughter is at university and she’s not enjoying it at all. She is quite shy and worried that people don’t like her, so she hasn’t made many friends. She is such a lovely person but her lack of self-belief holds her back. Can you advise me? As a mother myself, I completely understand how you’re feeling. Having a child is like watching your heart walking around outside of your body, and if someone hurts them your own pain is unbearable. However, the angels say that you have nothing to worry about.

Yes, your daughter may be a little different from some of the other people in the class, but that’s okay! She is giving the world the greatest gift she could by being her wonderfully kind and loving self. If you encourage her to always stay true to who she is and show her that there is nothing wrong with that, herselfesteem and confidence will grow.

She will attract like-minded people who want to spend time with her for who she is, not who she pretends to be. The world is a wonderful mixture of people, personalities and interests, and she can be assured that there’ll be others on the course who are just as nervous as she and you may be. I can’t promise you that she’ll sail through her whole life getting on with everyone she meets; life doesn’t work that way. What I can say is that she will find real friends who love her, and the angels say she will accomplish a lot.‚

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