Can I get help with funding pregnancy?

Can I get help with funding pregnancy?

Government guidelines say women aged between 23 and 39 are able to have one IVF cycle free on the NHS. However, each Primary Care Trust (PCT) decides what the eligibility criteria should be, and this can therefore vary from one region to another. You can contact your PCT direct to find out what the situation is in your area, but be warned that waiting lists for treatment are invariably long, and funding, if there is any, is scarce.

How much time should be allowed for the various treatment options pregnancy?

It is very important to take time into account when calculating which options to try. OI takes three months, for example, IUI another three, then IUI with clomiphene another three. That is already a total of nine months, not allowing for any breaks. IVF takes place over one menstrual cycle – but you should try not to cram in as many cycles as possible into a year. Plan ahead, because no matter which treatment you use, the months will add up.

IVF has increasingly good success rates, depending on individual circumstances and clinics. It is very expensive. Costs run into thousands of pounds per treatment cycle and, although about 25 per cent of IVF

It is the most thorough form of assisted conception. cycles in the UK are now funded by the NHS, this figure varies considerably from one health authority to another.

It is the only chance of conceiving for some couples.

It is very time consuming.

IVF is emotionally and physically demanding.

There is a high risk of multiple births and all the associated health problems for mother and babies.

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