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She stood out from the sea of stunning supermodels gracing global catwalks thanks to her effervescent personality, sharing silly selfies and poking her tongue out at the paparazzi.

But Cara Delevingne – who worked for almost every major fashion brand before making her film debut in 2012 with a small part in Anna Karenina then a lead role in Paper Towns this year – says she’s worked hard to hide who she really is.

The 22 year old says: âœI don’t think there’s a specific way of handling fame. I let fans see what I want, which is about 20 per cent of who I am. People make assumptions about me all the time, but I love proving them wrong.â


So who is the real Cara? She’s emerged from the shadows of her famous family – which includes her sisters, Chloe, 30, and model Poppy,

29 – and is close pals with Kendall Jenner and Kate Moss. Her romances with Harry Styles and Michelle Rodriguez may have dominated headlines, but now she’s loved up with girlfriend of a year, musician St Vincent, Cara is more settled than ever – while still embracing acting on the spur of the moment.

She says: âœI’m pretty fearless.

I don’t think about things, I just do them. I don’t try to have charisma. I’ve always been very dramatic!â

â˜People make assumptions-I love proving them wrong’

Model-turned-actress Cara Delevingne opens up about who she really is away from the spotlight


With her life constantly under scrutiny, Cara has managed to find a way to relax, saying: âœI do yoga every day. I also take my guitar everywhere and write music. I love reading.â

But while this doesn’t sound like the fun-loving girl the world is fascinated with, Cara is quick to stress she was amenace at school. She says: âœI was a gremlin! Leader of the pranksters.

I used to draw on people’s faces when they were asleep!â

In 2016, Cara is keen to keep acting. She says: âœModelling wasn’t something I was doing for my soul, it wasn’t a passion. Acting has been something I’ve wanted to do forever. I’d love to work with Sienna Miller, she’s a role model and a good friend.

I want to be a strong role model for girls. Angelina Jolie is great,

I’d love to direct one day like her. That would be a dream.â

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Cara Delevingne


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