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On the basis of his three laws, Louw has produced Exercises 2.8 which predicts expected performance in a particular race, the “down” Comrades Marathon from Pietermaritzburg to Durban,... Read more

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A final weakness of these predictions is that they take little account of the athlete’s state of training. Jan Louw, Comrades Marathon runner and actuary working in the... Read more

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Pugh also showed that at the speeds at which middle-distance track events are run (6 m/s or about 67 seconds per 400 m), about 8% of the runner’s... Read more

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In-shoe orthotics used in the treatment of a number of running injuries (see post 12, p. 449) will increase shoe weight and therefore might influence running economy adversely.... Read more

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Clothing weight is another factor that can influence an athlete’s efficiency. Stevens (1983) calculated the effect of the weight of clothing on marathon racing performance. He found that... Read more

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OTHER FACTORS INFLUENCING THE OXYGEN COST OF RUNNING If running economy is so important, can it be altered? It seems that persons beginning exercise definitely become more efficient... Read more

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Max Values of Elite Athletes Given the linear relationship between oxygen consumption and running speed (see Exercises 2.2), we might conclude that those elite athletes who have the... Read more

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Quite why this happens is not clear, but it is apparent that researchers achieve optimum measurement of V02max when the testing procedure faithfully recreates the activity for which... Read more