Little Flat Breads

These chewy disks are useful as food pushers to accompany Moroccan Delight (pages 175-176) and other vegetable dishes. They also make an unusual breakfast bread. Their sweet and... Read more

French Bread

French Bread The taste and crunchy texture is authentically French. This bread, like most breads made from wheat flour, is sweet-tasting and good for general nutrition. Eaten in... Read more

Puris and Chapati

These are fried unleavened breads used in the Indian cuisine for pushing the food and sopping up the delectable juices. They are good for everyone, although the sweet... Read more

Light Corn Bread

Corn bread is a sweet, salty, hot, light bread that is good for both Kapha and those wanting to reduce weight. The light quality increases Vata a little.... Read more

Squash Rolls

These tender rolls decrease Vata and Pitta and increase Kapha. If you have some Ginger Carrot Soup, Curried Squash, or other thick soup left from lunch, substitute it... Read more