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Hi everyone Keely here with my monthly favorites post which is actually more like my two monthly favorites post because it’s going to be kind of May and June squished together and I have some cool things that I discovered I was moving during all of this which you guys heard about before however i did still use some beauty products i do still have some stuff to talk about so we’re just gonna dive right in my first favorite is the summer hair series that i did for w view creators i loved how those posts turn out i did for summer hair posts that include a lot of hairstyles and tips and tricks and DIYs and i think you guys will really really love them I honestly love them a lot I’m going to link all of the posts that.

I did with them down below so you can check it out and tell me if you like them yeah so for hair favorites the product i’ve been using the most over the last couple of months has been dry shampoo because if you’ve moved you understand like there is no time for anything and in the middle of all of that I got a box from Moroccan oil and they had just released a dry shampoo so I was like yes fresh dry shampoo because believe me I was running out of my try shampoo and so I used it and I was like what is this magic it is actually a really amazing dry shampoo so i thought i would tell you guys about it it is their moroccan oil dry shampoo and they sent me the light one which is cool because it has like a purple tint to it so i like tones your hair and stuff as you’re using it they also have a dark one for dark colored hair and it breaks down really quickly so it doesn’t leave any like weird residue on your hair what I loved about this is that it is more absorbent than any dry shampoo I’ve ever tried ever it has a rice starch formula and apparently that is the stuff because it works really really well I spray it and I just part my hair and spray part my hair and spray all over and then.

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I will massage it in and that is really important because that way it can kind of absorb all the oil and residue that you might have in your hair and when I’m done with that I don’t feel anything so I can run my hands through here and it’s like ah like it feels like I just cleaned my hair which is awesome because this is day three hair so for my hair to be looking like this on day three this stuff has got to be working mazing I’m a big fan of it and it has been saving my life these past couple of weeks i feel like i should also mention this one it’s the moroccan oil treatment and light and when i pulled this out of the box i felt like i was reuniting with an old friend because when i was in my first salon I you this on every single client it is the perfect base for a blowout it makes your hair dry faster it has argan oil in it and so it actually helps to strengthen the hair and add shine and it helps the hair to look more shiny and more manageable so basically I would use this because every time you do somebody’s hair as a stylist you want their hair to feel the best that it’s ever felt and this was my secret weapon for that so I’ve been using it on my hair again and just remembering how great is and also kind of kicking myself for not using it for so long and like.

I said it’s like an old friend of mine so I wanted to tell you guys about that on to makeup I haven’t been wearing a ton of makeup during the whole moving process but when I have these are the things have been going for first of all color pop I shadows I’ve talked about color pop lipsticks before i’m in love with color pop as a brand just in general love everything they do but these eyeshadows have just been giving me life lately they have this amazing texture where it feels like a cream and it goes on like a powder last amazingly throughout the day they’re just wonderful and they’re only five dollars each so I’ve been using this color as my all over lid color lately brings a lot of warmth to my face and I feel like it looks really good for summertime make up another Matt one that I love is to a tee this is just a nice really warm Brown this is a great crease color for me again.

I like really warm eyes especially in the summer so this is a nice warm brown to put in the crease and then I have girly which is a super light cream and it’s slightly iridescent it’s a really great brow bone highlight because it’s got a subtle shimmer to it but it’s not a lot so it gets you that nice bit of whiteness underneath your brow with a little bit of shimmer without being like oh my gosh and then finally we have la la which I am wearing today and it’s this amazing like rusty brown it’s very warm again and it’s got this amazing like shimmer and sparkle to it it’s really really beautiful so I wear this as a base especially for smokey eyes all the time another makeup favorite this is like mine the last person on this train is the becca shimmering skin Perfector and this one is in moonstone so it’s a liquid highlighter and you can use it a lot of different ways today I just patted it across my cheek bones a little bit here little bit here moonstone is the lightest one so for me this is a lot of highlight but I’ve been loving Nikki tutorials posts for months now and her ability to highlight is insane and I just like aspire to be as glowy as she is so this is my step in that direction was that it looks Dewey and like it could be part of my skin it’s not like a disco ball on my face worth the money it performs like an expensive product and I think it’s worth it and it’s amazing.

Ok i have a random nail favorite and you guys can think nicole Guerrero for this one it is the sally hansen gel shine 3d top coat she was talking about this one and the way she talked about it just sold me on to the next time i was at target I was like I gotta find this I gotta buy it it has to be in my life and I did and it’s amazing it’s just like a really thick really glossy top coat that’s how you need to know about it that’s all it does but it looks awesome it makes my normal nail polish look like gel without a light without extra time without going to the salon to get my hands did or my nails did because here’s the deal I don’t like getting my nails done because because I feel really weird about letting other people like somebody that i don’t know like touch and massage and like mess with my hands I have like a personal bubble thing I’m just like the whole time I’m so uncomfortable I’m just like like I want it to be over so i don’t get my nails done so i like this one cuz it looks like i went and got my nails professionally done but i didn’t and also if your nail polishes a little bit and perfect like if you have any little streaks or bumps that kind of evens it out because i’m not amazing and doing my own nails so this one is really great just for getting that like nail salon look without actually going to a nail salon so i’m a big fan of it so i have a random fashion favorite it is key sunglasses i heard about these from ingrid nilsen and they’re amazing.

I am obsessed with basically all of their sunglasses these are the invaders and white i originally really really wanted these in gold but they were sold out everywhere so i bought white and i love white I can’t imagine wearing any other color they’re amazing and perfect like this with a red lip is like ultimate sass I just think it’s amazing for whatever reason when I look in the mirror with these I just feel so happy and so cool so that’s all that matters you know they may not be everybody’s cup of tea but they made me feel awesome so that’s cool and then I’m kind of not sure if I should show you guys these because they have reflective lenses and I don’t want you to see how I unpacked boxes are sitting around me right now but these are the my girls and they’re just like winged and super reflective and super cool i love them too but then.

I also i wanted to show you guys these because I’m really torn on them I ordered them from a sauce and I’m not sure if I want to keep them or not what do you guys think I’m really really torn because part of me is like well yeah I could wear them everywhere they’re just a good good basic sunny but then I’m like but do I need another basic pair of sunglasses like do I so I don’t know what do you guys think what do you guys think are they working for me are they just myth just let me know tell me tell me in the comments I’m really curious I can’t decide so y’all tell me what you think so that’s it for my june / may favorites if you guys have any favorites that you’ve just been loving lately especially when it comes to hair I want to hear about them tell me in the comments because I am guilty of loving to buy and try lots and lots of new things so enable my addiction in the comments below and I will see you guys in my next post wha bye hello hello you know puppy that you want to say hi look how much bigger you are you were such a big boy now oh can we do the rest of the post like this can’t even hear me he’s laying on my mic look at the camera yeah okay I’m going to stop being a crazy dog mom now.

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