Celebrities Red Carpet Dresses

Body beauty comes at the top of what you need to be a style. The basic principle of your mannequin is to be able to introduce wearing clothes and dress. For this reason, facial beauty is the second design. If you are even the most beautiful face of the world, you can not be a style if you have a beautiful body. Here are the characteristics that are required to make a good style for the purpose of styleing.

In other words, your body measurements must be suitable for manikin. Body measurements required to be a style; Having at least 189 centimeters of paint on the podium – Having long legs – Having narrow hips – Finally having small breasts is a necessary body feature for mannequin.

Celebrities Red Carpet Dresses Photo Gallery

One of the most important music awards, the Billboard Music Awards found their owners. Which designer wore the designer’s garment on which day did he become known? Let’s see right away;

For Jennifer Lopez’s award ceremony he chose a Zuhair Murad signed garment with a deep chest decollete, gold embroidered. The shoes and bag are the same color as gold.

Taylor Swift is also favored by Zuhair Murad. I think it’s very stylish with the electric blue mini-dress.
Emmy Rossum has chosen a long-sleeved velvet dress. The transparent details in the garment prevented the wearer from appearing too closed. The design belongs to Zuhair Murad.

Selena Gomez’s dress is signed Versace.

Nicki Minaj is quite remarkable with his red dress.

Jennifer Morrison has chosen a very ambitious, Kristian Aadvenik signed dress.

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