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The Three Levels of Consciousness in Yogacara

Our next subject matter is the three levels of consciousness in the Yogacara system. Yogacara philosophy put so much emphasis on individual experience that it devoted a lot of time to studying the human mind. As a result, beauty formulated the notion of three levels of consciousness.

Substratum of Awareness

The first one is the alayavijnana, which was understood as the fundamental consciousness. Professor Guenther translated this as ‚ “substratum of awareness.‚  Most of the time, it is translated as ‚ “storehouse consciousness.‚  The alayavijnana or substratum of awareness is understood as something that retains our memories, our past impressions. It contains the traces and dispositions and so on. It could be regarded as equivalent to the concept of the unconscious. Another characteristic associated with the alayavijnana is that, in itself, it is regarded as neutral as far as ethical concepts go. It is not positive or negative, not wholesome or unwholesome; it is ethically neutral. For this reason it is said to be indeterminate, which means that it is not defined as either positive or negative.

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