The most common place to develop a malignant melanoma is on your legs, so make sure you check them regularly for freckles or moles that have changed shape or are seeping blood. Don’t be tempted to sunbathe without sun protection on your legs because you want to get them brown.


Allow your exhalations to become sofer, still imagining that you are relaxing on top of your mattress. As you continue to imagine this, multitask by also imagining your thoughts in balloons. These balloons have strings that you are holding onto. Every time you have a thought, visualize it getting full and moving up above your heavy body, away from you. As you get more and more relaxed, imagine yourself grabbing a giant pair of scissors and cutting the strings of the balloons. Watch the balloons float away from you. Feel the relief of no longer needing to hang on for dear life to your next worry, thought, or idea. Hopefully this will work to send you straight back into dreamland.

Mindfulness in Times of Travel

I have lived in a lot of different cities all over the world in places that have different languages and different customs. Yet no matter where you are on the planet, there is a universal truth: transportation delays don‚ „t bring out the best in people. Even when we see a delay coming, we like to believe that our buses and trains won‚ „t fail us. Even a couple of minutes can cause extreme inconvenience, and let‚ „s be honest, people who are inconvenienced are not necessarily the best versions of themselves. I can speak with experience after having had to cancel a yoga class because I couldn‚ „t make it there on time.

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