My advice is to learn to be your own skin-care expert. It is important to look at your own face in the mirror and see for yourself what’s going on.
The idea is not to have just one product or just one daily routine for skin care. It’s best to have options at your fingertips for whatever you may face in the mirror. In the summer, your skin may be drier on the surface, thanks to air-conditioning, but oilier underneath. When pregnant, your skin may become much drier or much oilier. Around the holidays, your skin may act oilier. In the coldest months of the winter, your skin may well be drier. If you’ve traveled a lot by plane, chances are thatâ”no matter your normal skin typeâ”your skin is probably suddenly behaving like dry skin.
Sometimes I use a cream with AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) for my skinâ”and sometimes I don’t. When my skin feels dry, I layer an AHA lotion with a richer face cream on top. If my skin is extremely dry, I’ll put on a beeswax protective barrier, but that’s something I wouldn’t do every day. For me, it’s not about switching around products or routine. Rather, it’s about always having the right choices at my fingertips.


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