Baths and showers always rob skin of its moisture, even if you use a very gentle body wash. Always use body oil or a specially formulated body lotion after bathing to replace lost moisture and keep skin hydrated.


The invalidation we have receive from people in the past often leads us to seek validation from other people in the present, but validation doesn‚ „t come from others. It comes from you. It requires inner work. It‚ „s very important that you gain control over your thoughts. Your life is moving in the same direction as your strongest thoughts. Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits and your habits become your character. Finally, your character becomes your destiny. This all starts with your thoughts.

Your thoughts have the power to keep you awake at night, keep you in a state of fear and repetitively torture you. Think about the times when you‚ „ve become addicted to your thoughts. Maybe they led you to become fearful and obsessively worry. It‚ „s important that you understand that you can take control of your thoughts. You don‚ „t have to allow negative thoughts to rule your mind. You are the ruler of your mind. It‚ „s important that you stop your negative thoughts by denouncing your beliefs in them and replacing them with positive thoughts. Understand this. You are not your emotions.

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