Cellfina Cellulite Treatment for Women

Smooth cellulite Cellfina (about $3,500) makes tiny incisions in your temporarily numbed skin to clip the cords that create puckered spots, which takes less than an hour. You’ll see results once swelling dissipates after a couple of weeks. “The treatment works great for dimples.

But for cellulite that looks like cottage cheese, you’ll have to turn to the VelaShape 3,” Dr. Chapas says. This device ($850 per treatment) vacuums up the skin and then blasts it with heat. “I can also smooth out uneven texture with a filler called Sculptra, which I inject into the recessed areas in the skin,” says Dr. Frank.

Cellfina Cellulite Treatment for Women Photo Gallery

“It lasts for up to two years and kick-starts the production of collagen to help plump.” This will cost about $4,500. The truth: Most people have a combination of cellulite types, which means you might need a combo of these therapies to see a real difference.

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