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Hey, guys! Its Linda Fink and Im here with Manny MUA. Hey, guys! What is up? I just learned what MUA means: Make Up Artist. She thought it was Mua like it was my last name. I was like.. I thought he was Manny Mua or Manny I can tell just from looking at your face that youre a makeup artist. Aww, thank you. Because you are beautiful right now. Thank you. Youre glowing. Youre shining. Right now. Right now. Youre shimmery. Yeah I saw you earlier, you were not beautiful.

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You were hit. Alright, Manny the name of this game is the Blind-Folded Drawing Challenge. We have blindfolds because we want to make it interesting. Looks like a bra cutlet. Oh yeah or that. Each of us is going to pick a card. So Im going to see what my word is. Draw it. You have thirty seconds to guess the word. Okay. Perfect. And were going to go back and forth three times. And the winner is the winner. And you what else the winner gets? What does the winner win? Makeup. Oh great! The winner gets the other to do their makeup. Oh my god.

So thats why Im trying to win right now. Can you just give our audience really quickly, one makeup tip. One makeup tip. I would say one makeup tip would be drink a lot of water because your skin will look so refreshed and hydrated and plump when you have a lot of water in your system before you put makeup on. How many liters do you drink everyday? I drink like a gallon a day. A gallon a day. Are you ready to be blindfolded? Im ready. Its like a Friday night for me. Im just kidding. Oh my god, my lashes, though. Its okay, its a cup. Its a cup, youre right. Ready and the thirty seconds starts now. Its a person and they’re holding a butterfly. Oh god, this is a lot harder than I thought it was. They’re holding.

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Its a pool float? No. The sun is shining. Yes. And theyre oh hockey? No. Were getting oh gosh. I dont know where Im at now. Im lost on the board. Okay lets do a smile. Theres a smile on the face, which is not near the face. Aww, okay. Oh theyre walking a dog. Yes! Yes! Eureka! Thats pretty good. Im not that mad at it. You killed it. Round 1 is a success.

But you guessed it. Okay. Ready for the clock starts now. Okay we have a person with an ear. A gong. Lord of the Rings. A baby. Pregnancy. Umbilical cord. Oh here goes the yellow. A monkey. Banana peel. Yeah. A monkey. A monkey banana peel. Monkey peel.

With a A banana and a monkey. You got it! Oh my god. Honestly, I thought that was an umbilical cord. So it was actually a monkey with a banana but I think thats the same as a banana with a monkey. The banana peel was actually really good. Round 2. Thirty seconds starts now. Okay so we have here That is a star. X or a fire. A fire! I think those are logs. Wait, wait, whatd you say? Logs. Fire. Uh huh. Like oh wait I cant say anything. Okay thats supposed to be on the logs. Thats okay.

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Its supposed to be on the logs. Its on the logs, okay. Its a campfire. Okay youre getting so close. Im getting so close. It is a campfire. Firewood. Its in a Its a firehouse. Its a house fire. No, close, youre getting there. A fire station. No more words. A firefighter. It was fireplace. Oh damn. You got it, kind of.

What the heck? My turn. Go. A couple. People. Holding hands. Dancing. Thats a person. Dancing is really close. Hopscotch. Playing. What is this? A square. A dress. Its a girl. Theyre girls. What are these people? Theyre twins. Great! Okay so theyre twins and what is happening here? Twin telepathy.

Twin dancing. Oh! Twin dancing! What is a twin dancing that rings the millennial bell? Gosh. You were so close, Manny. Dang it! What was it? It was the twin dancing emoji. This was supposed to be a cellphone. You know usually I would be like, No you did so great, but Its a tie right now. So you ready for this? Umm not really, but were going to try. Okay. Thank you. We have the bowl.. board. Is it bowl? No, shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Okay, are we ready to start? Yes.

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Ready go. Bowl. Okay were getting somewhere. Okay its a bowl. Yellow? Yellow is right here. Please. Yellow. Alright so its a bowl. You got the word. With soup in it. Popcorn. A bowl of popcorn. The bowl is spilling over. The bowl is foaming. Okay. Red.

Pear? Yellow? Whats yellow? Oh spaghetti! A bowl of pasta! Yes! Yes! Yes! Good job, Manny. Oh my god that was more so on you for sure because, you know what? You did a good job. Its not that bad. This one should be no problem, Manny. Oh. Get ready. Thirty seconds on the clock. Rectangle. Phone. iPhone. Its an iPhone. Oh my gosh! Its all I had to do. This day and age, all you have to do is draw a rectangle with a circle in it and everyone knows what it is. You know its an iPhone. Millennials! Its a tie! Its a tie so Im going to preemptively challenge you to this game again next year Im down. just so I can take you down.

Im so down. Alright, well thanks for coming. This was so fun. Thank you so much for having me. Well see ya next time! Bye, guys! Bye! Hey, ! Thanks for reading! click on comment button to read another post and here to comment to R29 on . Bye!.

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