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A fragrant blend of these gentle ingredients can be used to clean the skin and gently stimulate circulation and soymilk. When it is dry, it is a very good yoghurt sauce. Other ingredients that you can use when adapting Tough Ingredients include fresh cucumber juice (for sensitive skin), sour cream (for oily and hard skin), and honey cleansing cream (for dry skin).

Depending on the amount you add in the customization components and in each application, this description yields about 10 application products:

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1 cup oat cut and sieved (not too much ground)

1 glass of thinly battered almond

2 soup spoon incc wrought mahogany walnut

2 soup spoon dry lavender bud

1 tablespoon tillkill or poppy seed


1. Combine all components together. Keep the appliance in an airtight condition until ready to use.

2. While in use, place the Forced Pellets in your pouch and add enough hydrol or water to make a sandy but moist, milky, paste-like substance. Massage face and neck (avoiding eye area and fissured skin) to clean and peel. Rinse with warm water. Take extra skin on your skin by stroking, and continue with tonic and moisturizer.

Oat Skin Cleanser & Rejuvenator

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