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In case you didn’t catch her on The X Factor, or notice her gushing over beau Liam Payne on Instagram last week (he was her #MCM, btw), Cheryl is well and truly back from her year off – and she’s been busy. Aside from releasing a new make-up collection with L’Oréal, working on numerous charity campaigns and joining Simon Cowell for Judges’ Houses, the best surprise from Chez is yet to come. According to a source speaking exclusively to Look, Cheryl is working on a new album – and it’s going to be juicy. Like, naming and shaming her exes, Taylor Swift-style juicy.

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‘Cheryl’s going all out,’ explains a close pal. ‘She really wants to rediscover her own career ambitions, and with her return to The X Factor last weekend, Simon is adamant he wants her as a permanent fixture for next year. But, before that happens, she’s really focusing on the new album. She’s been pouring her heart out in her lyrics and reflecting on some of the hardest times of her life. She really wants to show her fans what she’s been through. ‘Cheryl has written songs that are clearly about her break-up with Jean-Bernard and even further back to her first failed marriage to Ashley. She talks a lot about mistakes on both sides and how she wasn’t emotionally ready for the relationships she was in. And there is a really touching song about Liam and the baby. It’s a work in progress, but for Cheryl, it’s shaping up as a really big comeback.’

Errr, is anyone else seriously excited? In a recent interview, 34-year-old Cheryl confirmed she was working on new songs, but that she also wanted to spend as much time as possible with seven-month-old Bear. ‘It has been so long – the fans are very patient,’ said Chez. ‘I just want more time with Bear, you know. I’m just loving that. But I do have plans and I am receiving songs at the moment. I have the luxury of being able to spend time with my child. A lot of mothers have to rush back to work and I don’t think it’s really fair, so I’m gonna take time, until he’s a bit more grown.’ Chezza also revealed that while she wouldn’t rule it out, having another baby isn’t in her immediate plans. ‘I have no plans to at the moment,’ she said, ‘but I think maybe one day… I hated being pregnant!’ Hmm, we wonder if Chez will be taking advice from the queen of revenge albums, Taylor Swift? With Cheryl’s exes, we’re not sure we can wait a whole year to hear that material…

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