Chic Modern Pigtails Hair Tutorial – Audrey Hepburn Easy Hairstyle Using Bumpits

Hey guys. So now I’m going to show you how to do this quick easy hairstyle using bum fits and I’m. So excited about this. Because I got it at Ross for a dollar 49 and it says it’s comparable at $9.

99. And I got the dark brown and black hair 1. But I also saw one for blonde hair. And I think these are totally worth it in the box you get four things I’ll show you you get a teasing comb you get a large bump it a medium bump it which. I’m wearing right now and you get a little one in case you want to do a little pump a door at the front near your bangs. So I think that’s really great and the medium-sized one is really nice especially for everyday. So this is what the bump that looks like it’s shaped like a crescent moon and you’re supposed to put this at the crown of your head and there’s ridges hair that attaches to your hair.

Chic Modern Pigtails Hair Tutorial – Audrey Hepburn Easy Hairstyle Using Bumpits Photo Gallery

So it stays in place the reason why I got these bump is is. Because I was tired of teasing my hair and using so much hairspray believe it or not. But I didn’t use any hairspray for this it was. So easy to do. And I’m going to show you how to do it. And

I’m sure some of you can guess where this hairstyle is from it was inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s in that last scene Audrey Hepburn had her hair like this. And I thought it was. So cute. So this is definitely inspired by her she makes everything look chic. And I know that people these days don’t really support pigtails but. I’m gonna bring it back, because. I’m worried it tonight and, if you guys would ever wear this hairstyle too then let me know and, if you want to see me use these puppets then keep on reading alright.

So grab some hair from the top of your head and, if you don’t have bangs then just grab everything that’s at the front of your face and then you want to tease it with the comb that’s provided then section the hair behind that area and tease it as well this allows for the bumpit to stay in place better grab your bump it and place it right at the crown of your head and just wiggle it in. So that it stays in place and it should stay in place like this, flip the rest of your hair over and try to cover the bump it if the size of the bumpit is still showing you like in my case and just grab some hair from the side and cover it to keep my hairstyle in place. I’m going to use a butterfly clip and clip it at the back this part is optional. But since I have long hair. I’m going to curl it just to make it look a little shorter and this will also give it more volume hair. I’m using my baby Ella’s curling iron this one has a one and a quarter inch barrel. But, if you want tighter curls you can always use something with a smaller barrel use a boar bristle brush and taste the area above the ears this will add more volume to the side part your hair into two little pigtails and tie it off with an elastic band since the top of your head has a lot of volume pull out the sides to even it out and really if that’s about it I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial.

And I’ll talk to you in another post bye.

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