Chineese Staircase Hairstyle

Hi guys in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to do a Chinese staircase here on our duty chair cells, I’m Kari. And this is my daughter Gracie hi. So let’s get started okay.

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I put her hair in a high ponytail now wrap the ponytail with her own hair just to hide that elastic band. I put a little gel in her hair just to tame her fly winds up on top of her head okay. I’m going to start with the right side of her ponytail, I’m going to take a slice small slice.

And, I’m going to a little bit small you don’t want a too thick but you don’t want to thin. So this will be perfect what you’re going to do is you’re going to then go put your hands behind the ponytail. And grab this strand.

And bring it behind the ponytail with your two fingers you’re going to grab the Strand between it. And then pull right through. And you’re going to bring it up towards the ponytail.

And tighten that up. So now you’re going to add another slice of that hair just a little bit of hair. And combined with this strand here you’re going to repeat that step putting two fingers your hands behind the ponytail grab that strand behind the ponytail.

And grab strand with your two fingers. And then cool. And smooth out this tail again you’re going to tighten that back up bring it up towards the head the beginning of that ponytail.

And then again you’re going to repeat this all down to the end by adding a little bit of strand to this strand here. And combining it together you. So you’re gonna have some short strands little little short ones coming out.

And if you want to just blend them in together you can you can try to blend them in if not the kids to where it’s sticking out a lot as you’re going down you could stop here like, I’m going to now, I’m just going to tie it. I’m going to take this. And just kind of hide it a little bit.

So it doesn’t show the last agree on as much. And you can finish the tail right off by doing another grade or or any kind of braid that you like or just you can just leave it like this. And curl it, I’m going to pancake this braid doing the first ring then, I hide it with a clip.

And, I’m gonna spray okay. So you’re wondering why this is called a Chinese staircase you can take this whole thing. And just twist it you just keep on twisting it all the way around.

And you can have it looking like this ilex spiral all the way down. And around the ponytail well, I prefer it, I like it this is really cool but, I actually just like, I prefer it with the thing, I like about this style is it creates this really cool braid on the side. So here’s your finished style you guys are.

So awesome thanks for joining us. And if you guys want to watch our latest tutorial good guys see you next time bye guys.

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