Chunky Dutch Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

Hi everyone welcome to learn new teachers fast, I’m Sarah.

And this is my daughter Gracie hi this blog is all about learning new. And different hairstyles. So if this is your first time here who would love for you to comment in this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to create big chunky Dutch fishtail braids.

Chunky Dutch Fishtail Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So let’s get started okay. I’m going to start up on top in the back, I’m going to take a section on the top. And, I’m gonna split it into two now you’re going to take a chunk on the side of the left.

And bring it under this strand. And bring it over here doing the same thing on the right a chunk. And bringing it under.

And over to the left now you’re going to do the same thing you’re going to bring you chunk under. And then bring it over. And you’re going to gather some hair from the side.

And connect it with the Strand that strand here. And then you’re going to join it in the right again chunk bring it under. And bring it on over to the left strand.

And then you’re going to gather some strand on the the right. And bring it under the strand over to the left strand this is all repeated again the left strand take a chunk bring it over to the right strand. And gather some hair from the left joining it with that strand on the right now the difference between the chunky.

And the normal fishtail is the chunky has big big chunks of hair where the normal fishtail is very small strands. And it takes a little longer this is a little bit a stirring easier this is all repeated going all the way down now that, I’m at the end by the neck area, I’m just going to go ahead. And finish it off by adding chunks of this the sides.

And bring them under now you can take them before you go all the way down you can go ahead. And bring these out a little just add some volume. And thickness to her hair okay.

I want to secure this off then, I’m just gonna tug at the sides just to pull them out, I’m gonna call them the sides better just. So that there’s no splits just gonna join them in together. And then you could just play with it play with the size as big as you want them you can put a little clip at the end Bauval hairspray.

And there you have it thank you. So much for taking the time to watch our blog let us know what you think about this style who would love to hear from you don’t forget to check out our latest tutorial right here please give us a thumbs up. And comment to the link below.

So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials we love you guys. And until next time learn it do it. And deed you are this bye guys.

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