Cocktail Recipes With Rum


you wiil need for 1 glass:

2-3 Ice cubes 1 part Pernod

3-4 drops grenadine 1 part vodka

1 Put the Ice cubes into an old-fashioned glass.

2 Put the grenadine over the ice.

3 Pour in the Pernod and vodka.

4 Stir gently and serve.

Vodka Negroni

You will need for 1 glass:

3 Ice cubes 3 parts vodka part bitter Campari 1 slice fresh orange

1 part sweet Italian soda water vermouth

1 Put the Ice cubes into a lowball glass.

2 Pour the Campari, vermouth and vodka over the ice.

3 Stir gently to mix.

4 Top with soda water.

5 Garnish with the orange and serve.

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