Cocktail Recipes With Vodka

Frozen Daiquiri Bacardi Cocktail

You will need for 1 glass:

ice 1 teaspoon sugar or

juice 2 fresh limes sugar syrup

3 parts white rum

1 Put five or six Ice cubes into a cocktail shaker.

2 Pour the lime juice, sugar and rum over the ice.

3 Pack a champagne glass full with finely crushed ice.

4 Shake the mixture until frost forms.

5 Strain and pour into the ice-packed champagne glass.

6 Serve with a short drinking straw.

Zombies Bacardi Cocktail

Like Juleps the recipes vary with the region of origin. In fact they vary from town to town as well as from island to island. The essentials are two or three types of rum, fresh fruit and lots of ice.

Havana Zombie Bacardi Cocktail

You will need for 1 glass:

4-5 Ice cubes 1 part white rum juice fresh lime or 1 part golden rum lemon 1 part dark rum juice fresh pineapple

1 teaspoon sugar or sugar syrup

1 fresh lemon juice is used instead of lime juice, use fresh orange juice in place of fresh pineapple juice.

1 Put the Ice cubes into a glass jug.

2 Pour the fruit juices, sugar and rums over the ice.

3 Stir vigorously, and pour without straining into a collins glass.

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