Why Collector’s Love Patek Philippe Watches

One of the most exciting facts on watches is who the record holder is the most expensive watch sold at auction. Collectors of one of the most costly timepieces will know that this honorary title goes to a Philippe Patek watch. This seemingly understated gem fetched an enormous 11 million dollars at auction in 2016. This most expensive watch was encrusted with many diamonds or made from 18 karat gold. Instead, it was a circa 1943 timepiece that featured a stainless steel design. What makes these watches so popular and desired? Why should you pick one up for your collection? While appearance may be simple in a Philippe Patek watch, it is anything but the inner working can house up to 200 individual parts making it one of the most intricate timepieces to date.

One reason to pick up one of these extravagant watches is for the sleek design and exclusivity. Patek does not mass produce their pieces. Instead, you can compare it to supercars where only a limited run is made.

Why Collector’s Love Patek Philippe Watches Photo Gallery

This only increases collectors desire to own one of the supreme watches. Among some of the wealthiest individuals, you will find that they have owned a Philippe Patek watch. What it mainly comes down to is availability. There aren’t many around, especially pre-owned watches.

The reason the 1943 watch was worth so much was because there were only four made from stainless steel the others were all made from gold. So collectors love these watches because they are in an investment. An investment in rarity that many others just won’t own. While Rolex might be creeping up on sales numbers, they just can’t match what Patek Philippe has put out.

Where You Can Purchase Your Own Unique Timepiece

Looking to purchase a Philippe Patek watch? Gray and Son’s is possibly the best place to get a certified pre-owned model. Their inventory includes several amazing models with different features and a slew of materials that are made from. There is something for everyone.

It is a wise choice that if you are to invest in one of the most expensive watches on the market that you choose a trustworthy jeweler to buy through. Their website has many listings and detailed descriptions of each.

It will give you all the information to make a decision on which Patek Philippe watch is right for you. They even will cover your timepiece for 12 months through a warranty they provide.

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