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While we enthusiastically subscribe to the modifications inherent in the rice diet, such as the restriction or exclusion of the cholesterol- and other fat-containing foods, the elimination of table salt, the reduction in the intake of protein, and the limitation in the total amount of food eaten, these are only some of the steps that must be taken if maximum and lasting benefits are to be attained.

For optimum as well as permanent results, we must plan a nutritional program that includes a liberal supply of the protective foods such as raw and steamed vegetables, raw and stewed fruits, plus a moderate amount of easily digestible proteins and starches, and excludes refined and processed foods, as well as foods of a stimulating and irritating nature. A diet worked out along these lines can give us meals of a most enjoyable nature, and at the same time provide all the health- and body-building benefits on a much more prolonged basis.

That nutrition plays a vital role in diseases of the heart and blood vessels is now universally recognised. When Drs. Otto Saphir and Leonard Ohringer of Michael Reese Hospital, Chicago, 111., mentioned that diet may be responsible for the increase in heart disease in persons younger than jo10 they had in mind primarily the large increase in the consumption of fat in the American diet. However, it is imperative to realise that if we are really to do an effective job, all factors that enter into the formation of a wholesome nutritional program must be taken into consideration. This involves not only the use of foods that are easily digestible and provide optimum value from the standpoint of health, but also the drastic elimination of the denatured and processed foods, as well as those foods which are difficult to digest.

Uncooked Foods Superior in Health-giving Qualities Uncooked foods are living foods, foods which in addition to their easily digested protein and easily digestible carbohydrates are also rich sources of valuable minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. However, those who for one reason or another cannot eat them in their raw state should prepare them in such a way that only a minimum of their valuable protective elements such as the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes be lost. They may be steamed or baked but should not be fried or overcooked. No irritating spices or condiments should be added.

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