Concealer Applying Tips

⢠Use your finger to blend in and smooth concealer. Make sure that you move your finger in small and gentle pats. One of the most common mistakes in applying concealer is overzealous blending. I often see women using a sweeping motion with their fingers in an attempt to blend concealer. The effect, however, is to wipe the product completely off the face.
⢠Never apply concealer on the eyelid; it will cause eye shadow to smear and crease.
⢠Many women also have redness around the base of the nose, above the upper lip, or between brows. Apply foundation to these areas rather than concealer. Since concealer is lighter than your skin tone, applying concealer in these areas would only draw extra attention to them. Because foundation matches the skin tone exactly, it causes these areas to blend in with the rest of your skin, becoming less obvious to the world.
Problem: Concealer makes my face look chalky.
Solution: Your concealer shade is probably too light for your skin tone. Find one that is only slightly lighter than the color of your face. Your powder may also be too white or too coarse. The worst concealer mistake is to have too white, reverse-raccoon eyes.
Problem: Concealer makes my eyes look more lined, more crepey, or, somehow, baggier.
Solution: The texture of your concealer is probably too heavy. It might be dragging your skin down. Also, if your skin is dry, you may need to apply eye cream before applying concealer. Apply only a bit and make sure it has a matte finish so that concealer will look smooth on top of it.
Note: If you have extremely oily skin, you may want to skip eye cream; it can cause concealer to travel off the eye area.
Problem: My concealer makes my mascara run below my eyes, and I hate the mess.
Solution: Pay close attention to the balance of moist surfaces (cream and concealer) with the dry ones (your own skin and powder). You are using either too much concealer and/or eye cream or too little powder. Or all three. Problem: I put concealer on in the morning, and I like how it looks. But two hours later it’s gone. What can I do?
Solution: You are not using enough concealer or enough powder.

The technique that guarantees long wear is the layering of small amounts of concealer and powder. Do two to three layers for best results.
Problem: My dark circles are so permanent, I don’t think anything will help. Solution: Carry your concealer and powder in your makeup kit for reapplications throughout the day. Try a slightly brighter shade of blush or lipstick to pull attention away from your eyes. Also, open up the eye area by not wearing liner or mascara on your lower lashes.
For extremely dark circles, choose a heavy-formula concealer in a shade that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. The texture of this product will not be as smooth as a creamy concealer. But if you are really frustrated with dark circles, heavy-formula concealer is a good option.

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