Concealer Applying


I recommend putting concealer under the eye up to the lower lashes and, most important, on the innermost corner of the eye. This is the most recessed area of the face and therefore the darkest-appearing. It is also a neglected spot for most women. A concealer brush is a small, firm brush that comes to a point at the tip and is especially helpful in reaching this corner.

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Or, as with almost any makeup application, you may use a finger to apply concealer.
Smooth and blend, using a gentle pressing action with the pads of your first two fingers. Be gentle: You don't want to end up rubbing concealer away. The aim is to make concealer as smooth as possible so that powder locks onto it in an even texture and isn't distracting or visible.
Then, to set the concealer, dust on yellow-toned powder using a velour puff.

Use a generous amount, because more is better here: too much is not a problem, while too little is. Simply dust away any excess with a brush. The powder keeps the concealer locked in place.

Moreover, the yellow tone of the powder does wonders to lighten dark circles.


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